2. Does the talent you've had by nature relate your teaching skill?

I have to admit that some teachers really engage kids even when they are just rookies. For example, I guess the case that they've had experiences coping with kids in their age of university as volunteers. Even in the first year, they are actually popular among kids in the classroom. Kids also seem like very enjoyable.
When I see these kinds of young teachers, I'm glad that and I think he or she has a really nice talent. I don't deny there are some kinds of talent like this.
Anyway, How proportion dose these kinds of talent occupy within the whole of teaching skill?


I estimate like above.
Even if I said with compromise, just several % would be upmost.
That means if you think you don't have enough talent in your rookie days, It's OK. If you were trying to make efforts like below, your teaching skill would become quite a super level.

  1. You shouldn't do training with just your own way.
  2. You should learn in the right direction that professional teachers have shown.
  3. You should keep making a great deal with struggling efforts.
  4. And keep doing these things at least 10 years.

On the other hand, if no matter how much you have a quite nice talent, I can clearly say that you will be never better than these trained teachers who have kept such endeavors. The higher level of professional skill is very difficult to copy.






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