_3. Doing 100 demo classes.

Demo classes need to have 3 conditions.
  1. Print your lesson plan and hand out it.
  2. Take a study meeting after your lesson. (It's OK even if it's just a short time)
  3. Print your analyze or self asses, and hand out it.
By Mr. Yoichi Mukoyama.
It really tough to do above things 100 times. If you have it one time a year, it will take 100 years to accomplish. If you have it 3 times a year, it will take more than 30 years to accomplish.
Mr.Mukoyama did 10 demo class in the first year of his teaching career. That means it would take 10 years to accomplish.
If you don't like to show your demo class, your teaching skills will never be improved.
Anyway, You can count the "demo class in study group" if it has 3 conditions that I mentioned earlier.
It might be OK to count as 5 or 10 demo classes if you were going through extremely a specialize and a tense situation like below.

  1. When you Try to get T.O.S.S Teaching Skills and Techniques Assessment System.
  2. When you handle with the main demo class at public study conferences that might have 500 to 1000 attendees in the auditorium.
  3. When you handle with the demo class on the stage in front of 1000 audiences just like "T.O.S.S. summer seminar"






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