Teacher’s Position in the classroom. Basic of basic = The chain connecting blackboard and teacher's desk.


The teacher even who can't move from his desk could write something on the blackboard.
"Who can say something?"
And he points out one student who raises the hand, and writes it on the blackboard.
Just only when he writes something, he is a little bit away from the desk and turns back from students. And he comes back to his desk like being gravitated. It seems like he is connected with the desk by the chain.
Only the children who are good at learning raise their hands and speak, and the other children who are not good at learning are absent-minded. They are placing their heads on the desks.
Instruction plan on the desk, Teaching strategy just on letting students raise their hands, Meaningless writing on the blackboard... All these things should be thrown away.
You should plan your "standing position" more intentionally.