You shouldn't go easily to the students who call you.

3. Moving around the classroom
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3) You shouldn't go easily to the students who call you.

When you gave some instructions and began to go around the classroom,
You may have some students who want you to come to them soon like,
"Hey, Mr./Ms.!"
Or when you made students do some PC works in the PC room as well, some students tended to call you.
"Hey, Mr.! Please come to me!"
Some teachers go to the students and listen to him/her and give advice whenever they call you. It's not good. It's a typical bad way to teach.
You have to go here and there all around the room whenever you are called. It's kind of wasting time.
When you have the student who calls you, in the first time you should ask like,
"What's the matter?"
If he/she said things related to the works that you instructed, then you should say like,
"I'll go soon, just wait at your seat."
If you said this several times, students will become not call you gradually.
Because they can understand that you surely come to them within a few minutes. That would be getting into a normal situation.
Aside from the normal situation, occasionally they may call you due to having some trouble something in their health condition for example. So you should never ignore their call. You have to make sure what the matter is all the time.