Before learning "The Basic Skill for teachers"

What are the specific points whether you will be a skillful teacher or not?
Let me observe your class lesson just a few seconds. Then it's easy to say whether you have a nice skill as a teacher or not.
I can say some clear way to make you a skillful teacher. it's simple.
Experiences for a long time as a teacher? The nice talent that you have inherited? A number of books you've read? I'm afraid these things don't matter almost at all.
If you want to be a skillful teacher, just do it as below.

1. Doing a demo class in a tense situation over and over again.
2. Accepting a strict instruction from supervisors who are better than you.

" Pre-Intro" / Basic Skill 5. Rhythm and Tempo

Good lessons have very comfortable rhythm and tempo.
If we have to say just one very clear and specific criteria that divide good lesson and bad lesson, that would be rhythm and tempo. That is what I believe.
Rhythm and Tempo are sorts of some sense of speed. You should trace it from some masters such as Mr.Yoichi Mukoyama. One of the easiest way to get comfortable rhythm and tempo is so-called "Shadowing".
You'd better begin to copy in the exact same way that masters did. When you will copy it thoroughly, you can feel something like magic to teach in your classes.
It is hard to accomplish. Let's extract the essences form videos, analyze it, and challenge doing it.
I show you detail later.

" Pre-Intro" / Basic Skill 4. Position (Moving in the Classroom)

I have to say that there are some teachers who couldn't move even a millimeter in the classroom.
It's not good if you stand in your classroom without any plan. The position where you are has to have clear logic.
You can somewhat control the consciousness and engagement of kids by using appropriate teacher's standing position.
1 The very simple standing position that you should know.
2 The fundamental logic of the way to move around the classroom.
The student would have got a negative effect if you don't learn about the above things.
Let me show you later some basic way to do.

" Pre-Intro" / Basic Skill 3. Eye Contact

Eye Contact is a common skill for teachers of course. But the professional teachers who have an extraordinary level of skills control their eye contact very well. We have to know professional eye contact skills and the existence of memory ability. As long as you would know there are teachers who can use effective eye contact, you could make the effort to approach it. If you wouldn't, you have no choice but staying low level.
Recognize it, and attempt to trace it. That is the only way to be an effective teacher.
I show you detail later.

" Pre-Intro" / Basic Skill 2. Voice (Tone and Volume)

You should care about proper voice depends on situations.
Your voice is your effective tool. You would be better stick caring your voice, train it intendedly, maintenance it day in day out.
We also would like to learn episodes about the attractive voice that are using by famous leaders who have organized classes very effective way such as Yoichi Mukoyama. He has a really good voice that attracts whoever.
I show you detail later.

" Pre-Intro" / Basic Skill 1. Facial Expression (smiling at students)

Teacher's smile is almost the must thing in your class. If you can never smile during your class in any way, I'm afraid that you should quit. Smiling at students is a very fundamental way to teach. You should train your smiling expression by yourself intentionally.
Effect of smiling is so immense. We don’t smile because we’re happy, we’re happy because we smile.
All professional teachers must interact with kids with nice smiling.
I show you detail later.

What are Basic Skills for teachers?

randoseruIMG_0503_TP_V4 のコピー.jpg
“Basic Skills for teachers” are really simple, fundamental teaching skills that I assembled. Originally Mr.Yoichi Mukoyama who is one of the most influential teachers in Japan advocated these kinds of effective skills in his teacher certification system. I picked up and organized really fundamental skills among them. I want students who are going to be teachers to learn and get all these skills before standing in front of kids.
If you want to be a teacher like remarkable, effective, attractive, making kids engage, I strongly believe that you should initially acquire these skills.
In this blog, I would like to show "the Basic Skills" at first such as how effective they are, how to learn them, and how to use them in the classroom.

Basic Skills for teachers 7

  1. Facial Expression (smiling at students)
  2. Voice (Tone and Volume)
  3. Eye Contact
  4. Position (Moving in the Classroom)
  5. Rhythm and Tempo
  6. Interaction and Responses
  7. Specific Instructions to Do
( Plus 3)
  1. Using Materials in a Sophisticated Way
  2. Various Controlled Pace
  3.  Sense of Time